Army Senior NCO denied the rights he has protected

NOTE- This blog entry originally appeared at but they have removed it because it deals with an on-going legal case. So I am re-posting it here with a few updated edits. 

My very good friend, Top Talk Radio co-host and past Military blogger, Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham was detained and then arrested a few weeks ago while on a hike in a rural area of Texas for carrying a personally-owned AR-15 rifle. I was notified soon after he was arrested that it happened and have had frequent conversations with him about it.

He is currently fighting this arrest which, based on the evidence I have seen so far, appears to be an unlawful arrest to me. In order to highlight what a small world it is, the Bell Country DA was my personal attorney about 23 years ago for a couple of civil needs. I was one of his first clients as a private practicing attorney and now he is the DA prosecuting one of my closest friends, who would have guessed this?

Anyway, CJ not only has an attorney but also a P.I. and is going to all lengths to defend himself and the rights that he and many of us have fought to protect and maintain. Needless to say this is not cheap and as a Sr. NCO in the Army he is not someone flush with cash so he has set up a crowdsourcing page to help raise the funds needed to fund the legal costs needed to protect his 2nd Amendment rights. He only needed about $11,000 for his attorney fees but as of April 17th he is up to over $29K raised. The way the Indiegogo site works, he cannot stop it. The fundraising campaign has to continue until the end date. I don’t want to divulge all the details, but CJ has plans to use the extra money raised for many other soldiers who have went through what he is now going through.

As part of his case, CJ and his attorney do not want this to be buried in the back page and want to make sure that this arrest is known to all. I want to make note that CJ was originally charged with “resisting arrest” but wasn’t arrested for anything else. I am not a lawyer, but I am not sure how someone can be arrested for “resisting” an arrest that didn’t happen. I would think someone would need to be arrested for something in the first place before they can be charged with resisting it. Well since that initial charge, I guess someone in the judicial system at Bell County realized the same thing and how foolish it was so they have since dropped the “resisting arrest” charge and now are charging him with “interrupting, disrupting, impeding and interfering with a peace officer while performing a duty. Again I question what his “duty” was. It wasn’t like he was responding to some other call or performing some duty that CJ disrupted. I think it is poor attempt to  justify an arrest based on weak circumstances. The full video of what CJ was able to record is available at

This story has also been all over the media circuit. You can see it at The Daily Caller, in the Army Times, on The Blaze, Fox News Radio, and today he was interviewed by Glenn Beck himself.

In addition to this being featured on several news outlets, this has caused quite a dialog back and forth by people with opinions on both sides. On the comical and sometimes off-color “Grunts, 11-Bravo” Facebook page the topic generate a flurry of comments back and forth about CJ’s case. The Grunts Facebook page along with other Facebook pages, his blogs and the Indiegogo page all have many comments on this matter, not to mention a slew of comments on all the websites mentioned above.

I am curious what your thoughts are, after reading this, the other sites and seeing the video yourself. Keep in mind that Texas law allows him to walk with a rifle and he has a  concealed carry permit. With all that said, what do you think? Was he treated wrongly? Was he within his rights? Were the officers justified and within the law to arrest him? If you comment I ask that you state your reasoning behind your opinion.

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  1. I really agree that we have to reconsider our law on ownership of guns. The last shooting has made me thinking that those bad events have to be stopped. And somehow it could start from not letting civillians so easily get the ownership of guns.

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