Top Talk launches Jan 16th, 2013

I am proud to announce the launch of “Top Talk” on Jan 16th from 8:30-10PM ET. Top Talk is hosted and produced by CJ and myself and will be a show focused on military related affairs, the Constitution, and Patriotism. It will be hosted on BTR and will occur every week on Wednesday nights at the same time. The show’s location to listen live and catch archive shows will be at

We will host guests that fall within the purview of the show’s focus plus we will have some new features on the show like we have never done before. There is a Facebook page established for the show at and a twitter account We don’t foresee any additional online presence except for these two sites. Be sure and follow the show on Twitter and “Like” it on Facebook to keep up on things with the show.

One feature we will have is a segment called “Ask Top!” The point of the segment is similar to a mix of Dear Abbey and’s Ask an Infantryman. We are looking for people to pose real-world questions to us dealing with leadership, leadership issues or how to deal with certain situations from a 1SG’s point of view. We are also looking for satirical or not-so-serious questions that someone may want to ask to get a “comical” reply by a 1SG. We will pick different questions every week from those emailed to us, written on the FB page or tweeted to us and will answer them on air. Who knows we may even respond to some on email or twitter if we know we aren’t going to get to them all on air. You can email questions to if you would like.

We are also planing to sell advertising spots for the show. So if your business or one you know of is interested in buying radio advertising time on a show that already has a huge military-focused fan base before it even launches please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will join us on our first and many other shows. We really think the new show, format, etc. are going to be a big hit with past fans of radio shows and new ones. Of course anything you can do to help spread the word through your contacts, Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like a little history of the First Sergeant rank and why it has some of the nicknames it does, check out


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