The End of You Served Radio

I just wrapped up the last episode of You Served Radio and it was sad to do but it was necessary. Tonight’s episode (which can be heard anytime along with any of the previous 219 episodes at was a night to reflect back at the last 4+ years of broadcasts. I used to write on upwards of 5 blogs and host the show all at the same time. But times have changed and I have to re-focus on what I spend my time on (what time I have).

Regular readers of this blog know that my writings here have even been sporadic and sparse compared to that they have been like over the years. So maybe now I can get back to some blogging here with regularity.

Anyway I wrote up a post over at that talks about tonight’s show and the last 4+ years of hosting it. If you are interested, I suggest heading over to¬† and giving it a read. I pretty much said everything over there.

We are coming into 2013 soon, I will be on a new show and if I follow tradition this blog will get a whole new look at the first of the year. However for now, You Served Radio had a great run, but it now a thing of the past…..

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