A day I hope our country never forgets

Every time my family goes to Hawaii, the USS Arizona is always on the agenda and is always as interesting as the first time. These pictures are from my last trip there in 2010.

We have the Alamo, Pearl Harbor and 9/11. All days which the generations that lived during the time will never forget, but I hope our country always remembers also and never forgets.

“The tears of the Arizona” as they call it. Oil is still leaking from the USS Arizona, even today.
A portion of the ship that can still be seen just below the surface of the water.
The American Flag which flies above the Memorial
A ladder leading down one into the ship
Memorial Wall inside the Memorial
My son pointing to the map where the USS Arizona was on the dark day of Dec 7th, 1941.

The memorial on the way out to it.

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