Three years ago today

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since a US Army Officer put his religious fanaticism above his country, the peace his religion preaches and the lives of innocent lives and gun down 13 people at a soldier processing center in Ft. Hood TX.

I will never forget this as I just been on a business trip to Ft. Hood just a few days earlier and had driven by this processing center a few times. I had a good friend working on the base and he was the first to tell me about the shooting via txt message, before the news media had ever picked it up.

Three years and we are still waiting for this traitor to be tried in what is normally a very expedient justice system call the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. For the last several months Hasan has made a mockery of the rights we give the accused by refusing to comply with military dress and appearance standards by not shaving off his beard. A beard he says he should be allowed to have because of his religion, even though he never had one during his military service.

Either way, the families and the killed and wounded need to be able to move past this terrible day a little but and watch this piece of crap get his trial done and over-with. I hope they give him the death penalty, and I really hope that Mitt Romney wins the election and makes Hasan’s execution one of his first priorities.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for your blog!! Most interesting. I also wanted to ask you if you knew if the SF soldiers of ODA574 (as shown on you tube/nat geo – 8/16/2009) were still together as a unit? Or, have some of them retired out – or gone on to Afghanistan? Just curious. It was a most interesting video by na. geo. and wondered if they ever did a follow-up on the unit itself…. thanks, Carol

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