Happy Veteran’s Day

I wrote this the the other day for a Veteran’s Day tribute on VeteransUnited.com. I would like to share it here too.

There is a difference between wanting to go to war and willing to go to war. Veterans Day is all about recognizing and thanking those who were “willing” to do the tough job that may be asked of our military. This day is for everyone who has served, from the airman who served three years in the 1980s and never saw combat, to the Soldier who served 20+ years and maybe spent a couple of years in combat. Regardless of branch, time spent serving or where they served, every man and woman who raised their hands and swore the oath to defend our country deserves to be thanked.

So please take a moment and thank anyone and everyone you know who ever raised their hand to “defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

For those veterans who read this blog, be sure and check out the links below in order to find great deals and offerings for you, on your day.

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Happy Veteran’s Day…

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