Valour-IT still needs your help

It has been a few days since I have talked about the Valour-IT project on here, but please know they still need a lot of help. They have a goal of raising $100,000 this year during their fund-raising campaign that runs from July 4th thru September 3rd this year. Team Army is one of 4 teams competing to raise $25,000 each and it is in the lead. However we in Team Army have only raised $5681.00 so far. We have another $20,000 to raise and we really need your help. Not just Team Army, but the whole project needs your help. Go here,, to pick a team to give through or to just give through the general account.

To put this campaign in perspective, when the fundraising effort began this year on July 4th, there was no money left in the Valour-IT budget. All the laptops have been given away and the shelves were empty. A week ago, Soldiers Angels held their Board Meeting at their HQ in San Antonio, TX and while the board members were there they took what money had been raised so far and picked up some laptops, tablets, Wii Game systems, etc. and took them over to put these electronics into the hands of wounded warriors as quickly as possible. You can read about this recent visit and see photos and evidence of the contributions made to date at,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1156&cntnt01returnid=15 .

If that doesn’t motivate you to give I don’t know what will. Please spread the word, spread the link to this blog and the links above to all your friends, family and co-workers. Many people say they “support the troops” and tens of thousands put yellow ribbon magnets on their cars but here is a chance to really do something tangible for those that have given part of themselves for each one of us.

Remember the feelings of sadness, anger, sorrow, and pride you felt in the days following September 11th, 2001? Well these men and women answered the call and put themselves in harm’s way to exact revenge for that horrific attack and make sure it never happens again. What have you done?


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