Is the Administration ready to admit these attacks aren’t anomolies?

This morning a story came out about CJCS Gen Dempsey’s parked plane being hit by shrapnel while he was in Afghanistan. What a completely lucky shot on behalf of those rocketeers as they are never able to aim those damned 107s. They just set them up to shoot on a delayed timer and hope it hits something.

That is not really news as rockets get fired at bases all the time, to include the monsterous Bagram Air Base. This is only news because he was there and they damaged his plane.

What I want to highlight is a little add-on to the bottom of the story posted on FoxNews at

So far this year, civilian and military leaders keep saying that these attacks are “anomolies”, “lone wolves” and “infiltrators” in order to downplay how serious an issue this is. But from reading the piece below it sounds to me like they are starting to indirectly admit that this is a serious issue.

President Obama told reporters at the White House Monday that he too would be placing a call to President Karzai to reiterate US concerns. On Saturday Defense Secretary Leon Panetta did the same.

It is highly unusual for the Commander in Chief, the Defense Secretary and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to each place calls to a head of state, suggesting how urgent US officials view the current spate of insider attacks by Afghans that US forces are attempting to train.

There have been 40 US and NATO deaths that resulted from these insider attacks since the beginning of the year. 10 ISAF service members have been killed by Afghan insiders in the last week alone, 7 of them American.

So I wonder, will anyone officially come out and admit to the American people that these attacks are a TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) of the enemy’s fight against us?


1 thought on “Is the Administration ready to admit these attacks aren’t anomolies?”

  1. Sadly — I have Zero confidence in this Administration. If it does recognize these attacks are not and cannot be seen as isolated incidents committed by rogue agents-The Administration will Never allow it to be published. For it is counter to the myth exploited by the Administration that Islam is a religion of Peace -and that they welcome and honor our
    presence on the Muslim street in the House of Islam. When such is foreign to the Quran and Hadith.

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