Green on Green to go with that Green on Blue

It seems that not only has there been a rash of Green on Blue, which I have written about extensively over the last two days but it appears that there are more and more cases of Green on Green. This is when Afghans turn on Afghans. This has happened twice that I know of in the last two weeks.

 Two policemen were killed on Saturday after killing seven of their colleagues in Nimroz province 790 km southwest of capital city Kabul, provincial police chief Hajji Musa Rasouli said Sunday.

“Two policemen who had linked with the Taliban outfit opened fire on their colleagues in a checkpoint in Dilaram district yesterday afternoon leaving seven police dead on the spot. However, another police returned fire killing both on the spot,” Rasouli told Xinhua.

It is the third incident of its kind over the past three days. In the previous incidents which occurred in the southern Helmand province and Taliban outfit claimed the responsibility, eight foreign soldiers, according to local officials, had been killed.

I think that disputes the stupid case that ISAF and CNN have tried to make recently where they tried to imply that most of the Green on Blue attacks are the fault of our troops and not by the enemy inserting themselves into the Afghan Security Forces. Read more about that here,

It is pretty sad when the ISAF leadership is more of a spin machine than MSNBC. It amazes me that the leadership in this country and now ISAF think that our citizens are that stupid to believe such a thing. They can’t tell their truth without spinning it if their lives depended on it. Sadly, our troops lives do.

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