Dishonorable Disclosure

I just wrote about this over at but I wanted to share this video here also. This is something that every American must watch. This is not a political endorsement or something based on unfounded facts. These are the professional warfighters and intelligence officials that our country has depended on for years to keep us all safe, even when we didn’t know about it. They know what they are talking about.


2 thoughts on “Dishonorable Disclosure”

  1. We saw this on fox news network, wondering thought, how are the other networks handling this? thank you for all you do, may god bless

  2. I believe that this administration is trying to diminish the power, and trust in America by these and other actions. I am extremely simpathetic to our military that are trying to keep us safe in spite of this administration. I cant imagine how it must feel to know that this administration does NOT have your back, that you are just a pawn to play with for amusement or political gain. Morale must be terrible. I pray every day that this administration does not regain itsselfish and destructive power in November. GOD bless our military and Thank You for your service to the American People.

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