Taliban attack in Khost

As the Danger Room stated, this is a rare video of the preparations and eventual attack that the Taliban released of an attack on the FOB in Khost Province, Afghanistan on June 1, 2012.

I have really struggled over the last day or two if I was going to write about this and re-post it here. The last thing I want to do is spread their I/O message, but then I also realized it is important for the American people to see what we are up against over there. These are not a bunch of lice-filled beard, cave-dwellings idiots. These guys train, rehearse, plan contingencies, and then execute a mission not much different than we do. As you will see in this video, they even have a sand-table and perform what we call in the army a ROC-Drill.

These are not people that are going to leave before December 31, 2014 or just lay down their weapons and join the Afghan Government, so if anyone thinks otherwise they are ignorant.

Either we execute this war properly and with extreme prejudice to kill these bastards and win or we quit and leave now.



2 thoughts on “Taliban attack in Khost”

  1. The question isn’t “Who are we fighting?” The question is, “Can the Afghan security forces beat them?” Answer: yes. And that’s what victory looks like. Will Afghanistan ever look like, say, San Diego? No. Will Afghanistan be an ally of the US and never again be a terrorist epicenter? Yes. Who accomplished this? Your family members, friends and neighbors.

  2. I concur with posting the video and supporting comments. Best to know the enemy and this does provide valuable insight. The ANA better be up for the challenge ahead because the U.S. will withdraw. That’s just the way its going to be. That said, achieving and maintaining security anywhere is an “everyday” affair. Hopefully enough people in this nation will come to understand this and we can continue to attract, develop and support warriors to push back on groups like the Taliban and others like them. I would love an al Qaeda and Taliban-free world. Just don’t see it happening by kinetics alone.

    Paul Fanning

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