Need a VA Loan?

You may have noticed the Advertisement here on the right side of the blog about VA Loans. That is from my good friends over at Veteran’s United Home Loan (AKA VAMC) and the reason I put it so prominently there is because that is a huge benefit that not all veterans realize they qualify for. Every house I have ever purchased has been via a VA backed loan and I can tell from personal experience it is a benefit that those who don’t qualify wish they could get.

The reason I have the ad there is for you to click on and read the basics of a VA loan and if interested, to see if you qualify. Of course there is a lot more to getting a VA loan then just a few mouse clicks, but hey it gets you started.

So if you know or think you qualify check it out. The people at VUHL are awesome, and not just because they sponsor the You Served Blog and Radio show, but because they truly care. I have referred many friends to them and those friends have been treated well and with integrity. I have even talked to them about a re-finance and they were upfront and honest when they told me that there may be other places that could even give me a better deal then they could at the time.

So head over to and check out some of the info there to see if this could be a benefit for you as part of your military service.

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