It is time for Valour-IT 2012

It was the first time I felt whole since I’d woken up wounded in Landstuhl.
–Major Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss, on using a voice-controlled laptop

For seven years, Project Valour-IT has been supplying voice-controlled and other adaptive laptops to severely wounded heroes who need to stay connected while they recover, or who are building new lives as they transition out of the military. That’s over 6,000 laptops for wounded heroes!
Every week brings more wounded troops home from the battlefield, but donations for Valour-IT are not keeping pace with their needs. To maintain this amazing project, Soldiers’ Angels is holding a very special fundraiser from Independence Day (July 4th) through Labor Day (September 3).

Divided among four “virtual teams” named in honor of U.S. military service branches, the fundraising goal is to bring in at least $100,000 through friendly inter-service rivalry. This amount should be able to provide about 250 laptops for wounded heroes who need an accessible computer to reconnect and build new lives.

The fact is, this project changes lives. Your donation and your efforts in this fundraiser will have an impact that is difficult to put into words, though Chuck’s quote at the top of this letter comes close: “It was the first time I felt whole…”

These heroes have literally sacrificed parts of their bodies in service to our country. As we celebrate the freedoms their service has given us, let us renew our efforts to ensure they have what they need to build their own new lives as wounded warriors. How can we give them less?

The bottom line is that the Valour-IT Project by Soldiers Angels is in in bad trouble. With the war in Iraq over, and everyone is hearing about how Afghanistan is winding down, people have stopped giving. It is like they think that because they don’t hear about the wars every night that support is not needed. The reality is that troops are still dying and being wounded every day, and there are troops in our hospitals and in therapy that are from Iraq.

The need for support has not ended, if anything it is needed more now than ever. Because of that need the Valour-IT project this year has been extended from the normal 2-3 week run it normally lasts. Instead this year it is running from July 4th until September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend).

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As you can guess, I am on Team Army and encourage all readers of this blog to donate via Team Army. Of course the reality is that no matter what team you donate through, all the money goes to the same pot, and benefits the same warriors, regardless of branch. The only reason we have team is for fun, inter-service rivalry and to help raise more money.

So I ask you to please take some time and donate to this effort with directly benefits the the wounded warriors during their recovery.

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