Do we kill them as kids or wait?

It is because of crap that is described in the link below why there will always be a never-ending Tangos to kill.

One child, Hamza, wearing the uniform of the Al Quds Brigades of Islamic Jihad and carrying a wooden weapon, said “I love the resistance and the martyrs and Palestine, and I want to blow up the most Zionists in a process of martyrdom and kill them.”

It begs one to the consider the ethical dilemma of Do we kill them now, or wait a few years until they are teenagers?

There some who may read this and think “there is no way I could kill a child”. But what if that kid is trying to kill you? Until you have been there (where kids want or have tried to kill you), I am not sure you would be able to answer accurately. I think it is safe to assume the kids don’t know any better and are just going at the direction of their terrorist parents. It is really the parents who should be taken out for brainwashing their kids in this fashion and stripping away their innocence, much less putting them in a potential life-threatening situation.

It is sad all the way around and there are no winners. Even if our soldiers get the drop on a kid and take them out before the kid tries to harm or kill Americans or innocent civilians, I can guarantee you that a majority of soldiers would have a life-long impact on their psyche from having to do such a necessary thing.

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3 thoughts on “Do we kill them as kids or wait?”

  1. Yes, very sad all around. However, killing the child before he attacks or when he attacks won’t solve the problem in the long run (by all means a soldier must defend himself and his team). This is a culture issue. How do we stop the brainwashing of kids?

    1. Need to take out those teaching them. The reality is that is not possible either without continuing to create more enemies. There is no socially or moral acceptable solution to this.

  2. The army should be taking these children into custody to get them away from the idea of terrorism, these children should be given ordinary civilian jobs at a part of Afghanistan where there is no fighting, in order to keep them safe.

    Sam Apex

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