A show you should check out, VPR

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Mr. Michael Gold. Michael is the creator, producer and host of a Blog Talk Radio show called Victory Partners Radio (VPR). Mr. Gold asked me to listen to his show and give him feedback on it, and told me that his show would be different from the You Served Radio Show that I co-host.

Finally today I had a chance to listen to it while working and I LOVE it. It is different, it is  quick to listen to, but more important it is a great source of news about Afghanistan and other places. Where You Served Radio is more of an opinion and talk show format type of show that is conducted live on air, VPR is a 30 minute, once a week news show. It airs every Friday at 11AM, and like I said it only runs 30 minutes. However it is packed with a lot of newsworthy content, interviews, and even some history lessons.

I liked it so much that I quickly contacted Mr. Gold and have booked him as a guest on You Served Radio for our July 31st show. So be sure and come by on that night at www.youservedradio.com and listen to Michael talk about his show, why he started he, how he runs it, etc.

Until then, be sure to check out VPR’s website and listen to some of his shows. If you read this blog, then you care about what is happening in the Af-Pak reagion, so I can assure you that you will like his show.

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