40 Taliban killed? I am not so sure

About 40 Taliban militants were killed and 14 injured when militants launched a cross-border attack against police checkposts in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktika province Saturday, a provincial government spokesman said.

That sounds like great news but the fact that this information is from the Afghans makes it highly suspect, especially with Afghan police in the Gomal district. The rule of thumb used to be whatever number of enemy that the Afghans told you were attacking them or that they killed, divide that in half, then subtract 80% from that, and you may be close to the actual number.

The spokesman said that two policemen were slightly injured and no civilian was harmed in the clash in the province bordering Pakistan.

Of course claiming that just two of their police were slightly injured makes these claims even more suspect of not being true at all.

You can check out the whole story at http://english.sina.com/world/2012/0728/490579.html

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