A little more respect for Gates

I will be the first to admit I have not always had the utmost respect for former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. He has done or not done things that I have not liked and I felt at some moments that he was too much of a “yes” man. I also realize that in order to navigate and make progress in the Beltway that playing politics is the name of the game, I get that.

However when I came across this story sent to me by my friend LL, my level of respect for him rose quite a bit.

“By Wednesday of that week, Gates went to see Donilon, offering up a barbed assessment of how the White House had handled the aftermath of the raid. ‘I have a new strategic communications approach to recommend,’ Gates said in his trademark droll tones, according to an account later provided by his colleagues. What was that, Donilon asked? ‘Shut the fuck up,’ the defense secretary said.”

Good for him in standing up to the a-holes like Donilon and the rest of the blabber-mouths of the administration. Very glad to see that Gates has principles to stand on when it comes to truly caring about our military and the defense of this country.

Read the whole story at http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/gates-national-security-team-osama-raid-shut-f_646731.html


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  1. Yea well when will someone that is in power now stop these leaks that are getting people hurt because “Politics” are being played in an effort to get re-elected? WHEN?

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