Joyriding or Theft?

Two Army vehicles equipped with highly classified technology used to jam deadly roadside bombs were stolen from under the noses of soldiers on a military base in Afghanistan.

The vehicles — both black up-armored Toyota Land Cruisers outfitted with life-saving CREW Duke electronic jamming systems — vanished in January from Camp Eggers in Kabul, according to a notice on Army Criminal Investigation Command’s website.

The vehicles would be “priceless” to an enemy, who might attempt to reverse-engineer the jammer or use the vehicles to launch a Trojan horse-style attack, said Christopher O’Gara, a former official with the national security division of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and a retired Reserve colonel.

Oh this is just GREAT news, NOT! Of all the things to lose, they lose two DUKE systems and the vehicles they were in? On Camp Eggers of all places, which has almost as many field grade officers as the Pentagon. So which idiot didn’t lock up the keys?

Two key fobs that belonged to the vehicles were stolen from the supply room of the 26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Base Support Group, on Jan. 7, and sometime between Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, both vehicles were stolen.

This is complacency at its worst or just very undisciplined soldiers. Granted they may not have been stolen for mischievous purposes. It could have just been a couple of majors or a colonel or sergeant major who wanted to head to Baghram fun all-you-can eat seafood night and left the vehicle there. Trust me, I have seen a lot of crazier things when I was in Afghanistan as both a soldier and a contractor. One day I may tell the story about some civilians who jumped on a helicopter to go “sight-seeing” around Afghanistan, only to get dropped off at the wrong place and then had to be rescued.

Anyway, I don’t know all the facts, but I am not ready to rush to judgement and think that the enemy stole these or has them in their possession. The only thing that is for sure is that the owner of these vehicles doesn’t have them.

Hopefully this is a case of stupid-ass joyriding and not theft of some very special and classified equipment.

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