I feel for the families of these 16 Afghan people. I also feel for the families and friends of our soldiers who have been murdered.

I am sure leadership of this country also feels bad for the families, in fact I know they do. Secretary Panetta, Clinton and President Obama were tripping over each other to be the first to apologize to the people of Afghanistan.

Almost like President Karzai did to….oh wait, yeah he didn’t apologize once for any of the near 100 US service members killed by Afghan security forces since the start of this war. He definitely hasn’t done it in a public forum in the last couple of weeks. Instead he let the ignorant and ill-informed people of Afghanistan violently protest, destroy parts of his country and wound and kill Afghans and American soldiers for several days before he said a thing.

1 thought on “Apologizing”

  1. Look,I am not willing to condemn this soldier; I am actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
    The area this soldier was stationed lost 91 soldiers last year alone; nobody apologises for that. The troops are nothing but sitting ducks, while the brass tells lies in so-called ‘progress’. There is no progress, it’s about the ‘noble’ afghanistanpeople.
    Don’t make me laugh – noble? Panetta stating there might be a death penalty?
    Since when is a communistic disciple not hungry to hang on of our own soldiers?
    What a shame!

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