We aren’t the only ones

http://www.jenics.com/87xnvhj Unfortunettly it appears we in the USA are not the only ones who try to wrongfully prosecute our warriors for not being PC and kind to our enemies on the battlefield (i.e. Allen West, Haditha Marines, etc.). It looks like the Brits also try to ruibn the careers and lives of their warriors too.

https://shop.lorena.at/qdbbl2qr The bottom line is our combat zones have way to many lawyers on them and not enough trigger-pullers.

https://mon-film-teinte.com/jm28ua6q A paratrooper is facing trial for punching an escaping Taliban member.

Tramadol Buy Canada The case, which is estimated to cost the taxpayer 250,000 pounds, is continuing even though there are no formal witnesses.

Tramadol Online Order Cheap British military prosecutors admit that the captive, Ahmed Wali, has provided ‘unreliable’ evidence, The Daily Mail reports.

But the Service Prosecuting Authority has refused to drop the case and charged CplC with the assault. He is due to appear at a court martial later this month.

https://www.lesbaigneusesdebiarritz.com/q84e3a3vou His legal team had moved the high court for seeking a judicial review of the decision to prosecute him.

https://www.torufix.ee/56bah4q2 His name is being kept secret because he served alongside special forces.

https://southglosfoodfest.co.uk/nzub33gop0 Cpl C was a qualified tactical questioner when the incident occurred in March 2010.

https://www.schneiderannerl.at/rae552fsfk He admitted that he punched Wali when insurgents were firing at the compound and laying down IEDs.

Cpl C’s friends criticised the decision to prosecute him as ‘absurd’.

https://wftwtx.com/2020/03/24/irdzai8rgq “He is a young British paratrooper who has risked his life and was doing his duty. There is no other point of this prosecution than political correctness. He should be seen as a hero, not facing the prospect of his good name being left in tatters,” his friend said.(ANI)


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  1. https://chessplus.net/68wugycouf7 I’m no longer shock by the outrageous prosercution of brave soliders, who risk their lives, and leave their family’s, sometimes up to 2yrs. Just to come home, and be disgraced, by the same people they are supose to be fighting for in their country. It’s time these countries rethink what they are doing, are send these clowns to fight for themself’s!!!

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