Hypocrites, that is what many of these so-called “holy muslims” are. I am sick and tired of their selective compliance of what is acceptable and not acceptable in their faith.



Writing in the Quran is prohibited, yet they do it to pass messages between prisoners. Where are the riots over that? Where are the riots at the front gates of Bagram Air Base by Afghans who want to take control and punish those Afghan prisoners who wrote in the Quran?


Yet they want to riot over 5 days over an accident. A true oversight that was not done on purpose by anyone. An accident, that when noticed, had American soldiers injure themselves as they tried to rescue the books.

Karzai and his government needs to handle this situation and their own security forces NOW, not next week not even tomorrow, but RIGHT FRIGGEN NOW!

By staying quiet Karzai has allowed all this crap to get out of control and he should be held personally accountable for he loss of life, to include the two American officers who were executed today in the Ministry of Interior.

Oh yeah, homosexuality is prohibited too, yet it is done all the time in Afghanistan with most of it done on children.

Afghanistan is very proud of all their sayings and traditions, well we have one in America that I am proud of “He who lives in a glass house, should not throw stones”.

So until Afghanistan can begin to clean up a few of its problems like rampant corruption, homosexual pedophilia, and security forces who murder helping and paying coalition forces then it need not try to ask or tell us what to do. It needs to get its own house in order.