Why did Bouhammer.com go dark

You may have noticed that the Bouhammer Blog was down yesterday. Yes, I took this site offline to join many other sites like wikipedia.org, reddit.com and many, many others in order to raise awareness and protest the SOPA and PIPA. It is a terrible act and if they became law, it would empower the Government to violate the US Constitution and give the Government the ability to block you from the websites you want to see.

See, if these were to become law and lets say I have an image or a quote from a story or something like that which the Government considers a copyright violation, they would be able to block all internet users in the USA from getting to this site or any website they considered violating a copyright law.

In my opinion that is a gross abuse of the law and Government responsibility. Please join me in contacting your Representative or Senator today and let them know you don’t support SOPA in the House or PIPA in the Senate.

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