Have you seen the Bouhammer.com decals?

We have had them available for a while but I was not sure if you had seen the bouhammer.com designed decals we have available in our gear store.

The 9/11 Decal below is a bouhammer.com exclusive that I designed myself. It takes into account all three locations of 9/11/01. The shape is that of the Pentagon, of course the skyline is that of the World Trade Center towers and UA 93 is the flight number of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

Notice it is Red, White and Blue. However there is black in the top of the sky to signify the sorrow, mourning and loss we all experienced that day and that the families and friends of those 3000 still experience today.

The 9/11 Tribute decal

The picture does not do this justice because of the glare from the protective covering, but you get the idea. It will look great on the car window, at the office or at home showing how you have never forgotten about those who lost their lives on that terrible day or the thousands who have died since fighting to avenge for those attacks.

Of course I also have to have the signature bouhammer.com logo represented. The classic design created by myself and the designers at Vision-strike-wear.com. The Bouhammer eagle and flag looking down over the country of Afghanistan.

The Bouhammer.com Logo

Another one that does not look great in the picture but looks great in person. If you notice there is white around the actual decal. That is the edge of the decal itself. The off-white is just the backing, which is the same case as the 9/11 decal.

Click on either image to go directly to the Bouhammer Gear Store and place your order today. While you are there check out http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/bouhammer.html to see all the other designs available for T-shirts, decals, hoodies, Coffee Mugs and many other items.

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