Banana Republic Stores honoring our military, but HURRY!


Banana Republic stores are doing a little something to honor our military and give them a break on clothes. If you are a military member, retired, veteran, or a military family member they are giving you 50% off of up to three full-price items through Sunday, January 22nd. Sorry for the late notice but tomorrow is the last day.

After that they are giving the same folks 15% off all items from January 23-31.

Please check out,4470740,21&clink=4470740 to learn more.

Spread the word, tell your friends, family, family readiness groups and units about this awesome deal

One comment on “Banana Republic Stores honoring our military, but HURRY!
  1. cs says:

    Fantastic! As an Army wife, I find this useful and honorable. Now for some more USA-made Banana Republic items!

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