Is NATO that stupid?

Tramadol Online Overnight Visa I have to wonder what elementary school drop-out is up at NATO running things and making decision? It does not take even a High-school diploma to figure out this is not a good idea or will turn out well.

Taliban militants, who have shunned violence, are being provided monthly cash incentive of £100, besides being given amnesty for all crimes such as murdering children, beheadings and hanging women. “Members of the Taliban who give up their fight are being paid £100 a month and will be allowed to keep their guns in a new initiative to end the insurgency,” the Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported. Paying the Taliban not to fight is like giving a rapist free hookers so he doesn’t rape innocent women. Sure it will accomplish what you want in the short term, but over time it will become too expensive and you make them dependent on you.

Get Tramadol Online Legally Once we cut off the payments then they will go back to doing what they have to in order to survive, which means attacking us or the Government of Afghanistan. You cannot buy your way out of a problem like this. The move, which has the full support of NATO, is part of the “reintegration” programme and is intended to keep militants from attacking troops from the International Stabilisation and Assistance Force (ISAF). “Those who have attacked and killed British forces are also effectively given an amnesty, which means they will never be put on trial,” the paper said. Maj Gen David Hook, the director of the Joint Force Integration Cell in Kabul, told the paper the programme would be difficult for many British families to accept but insisted that reintegration was vital if peace was to be achieved. The amnesty extends to all Taliban militants, including those who have taken part in atrocities, such as murdering children, beheadings and hanging women, it said.

Order Tramadol Paypal The agreement is part of a policy signed by the British Government in which insurgents are being allowed to “walk off the battlefield” and enter a “reintegration” scheme, it said. The paper said Taliban joining the programme are not interrogated but instead are asked to complete a questionnaire explaining their reasons for joining the insurgency. More than 2,700 insurgents have been reintegrated into mainstream Afghan society since October 2010, with 800 now described as “showing interest in leaving the Taliban”.

Of those, about 90 are from Helmand, where nearly 400 British troops have been killed and more than 5,000 injured.

This will never work for the long haul. In fact I am sure many Taliban would simply collect the money each month and still attack troops. What is their motivation not to?

There is an old saying in Afghanistan that says “you can’t buy and Afghan, but you can rent one”. We can’t buy their loyalty or allegiance, it is impossible with the resources at hand. This is just the most stupid-ass thing I have ever heard of. It is bound to waste thousands or millions of dollars and end up achieving nothing except maybe a temporary reprieve.

Someone needs to find the idiots in ISAF and NATO who came up with this hair-brained idea and bounce them out of the building before they do any more damage.

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