A trip to Iraq

Please check out http://www.blackfive.net/main/2011/11/108-hours-a-thank-you-and-mission-complete.html and read the quick story written by Gold Star Dad, Mr. Robert Stokley within days of his return back to the USA from Iraq. In a mission that took almost a year in the planning and was completely covert, he was able to go into Iraq to visit the area where his son was killed. At Blackfive.net you can read his feelings after just returning. 

It is a tissue alert, but a powerful dispatch to read and digest. After reading it be sure and tune into You Served Radio (www.youservedradio.com) next Tuesday on December 6th from 8-10PM EST to listen to my good friend, Soldiers’ Angels Executive Director, author and documentary film star, Toby Nunn reflect on and discuss this trip and share the details from these 108+ hours. 

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