Why Veterans Day is so important

https://www.lesbaigneusesdebiarritz.com/os87qzubmm So here it is, Veterans Day is on us again. This year is an extra-special one because of the significance of the date, 11/11/11. Veterans Day is all about the number eleven. The cease-fire to the First World War (which was supposed to be the war to end all wars) was signed on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month.

It was nice to think that WWI would be the last war ever, but that was a little too optimistic for this planet. Our allies across the world like Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many others still celebrate this day based on how it originally started as Remembrance Day.

Our country changed it to Veterans Day in order to honor and recognize all Veterans. Due to its origins, many countries celebrate this day as a sort of Memorial Day for them, however we have Memorial Day already.

https://www.chinnorparishcouncil.org.uk/tr409qj It is a day we take in this country to honor all Veterans that have ever or are still serving this country in order to protect and guarantee our freedoms as a country. Being a Veteran does not mean they had to serve in combat. It means they stepped up (or were drafted) to protect all that we hold dear.

The other day I was talking to a retired Army guy in Nevada and I was saying how that without Veterans Day we would have no Independence or Memorial Day. He replied “actually we probably would not have any holiday that we observe today, because we would probably be observing some other country’s holiday instead”. That kind of made me think. He was completely correct.

https://www.davidpottrell.co.uk/blog/j3fnevf If we didn’t have warriors willing to stand watch in Fulda Gap, the Canal Zone, the South Pacific, over the Alaskan skies, or anywhere else that our Country’s finest have deployed to in order to keep our enemies at bay, who knows where would be today. Many did this for 20+ years and never saw actual combat during the cold war, but were more than willing to do it. This day is as much for them as it is for the Iraq vet amputee, the Vietnam Vet suffering from Agent Orange, the forgotten Korean War vet, or the men and women from across all services who have multiple tours in combat.

I know those of us in the 1% of the nation who have served and our families who have served in silence get it, I just pray that the other 99% of America who are not lucky enough to be in the 1% category can wake up, open their eyes and get it too.

Med Orders Tramadol This is why my good friend Matt Goss and I have joined forces to not only show appreciation to our Veterans this weekend in Las Vegas, but why we plan to do this every year, Lord willing.

We want Americans across this country to join us in showing our appreciation of our Veterans whom are around us every day in life. We also want America to get on board with our Allies around the world by showing their conscious recognition of this day. We would like America to help us accomplish both of these objectives by showing a public display of their support for this day. This can be done by wearing a red poppy on Veterans Day as millions of people do around the world. Lets get America to wear red poppies on this day like they have never done in the past. They can get them easily enough at their local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Both of these great veteran organizations have small hand-made red poppies for sale. These aren’t just hand-made, but hand-made by Veterans, not made in China or Taiwan.

https://yogurdefresa.es/m1c3tmq So will you join us America? Will you truly take a moment in your ever-busy life to pause, look around and recognize our Veterans and what they have provided to you. I am not asking for much, at a minimum just wear a red poppy today.

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