This is going to be bad for someone

A former Marine awarded the Medal of Honor for repeatedly racing into a firefight to try and rescue fellow Marines is suing defense giant BAE Systems, claiming the company ruined his chances for a job in the defense industry by claiming he was unstable and a problem drinker.

Former Sgt. Dakota Meyer filed the lawsuit Monday, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Meyer, who worked for BAE Systems earlier this year, claims in the court documents that BAE retaliated against him when he objected the company’s decision to sell high-powered sniper scopes to Pakistan. He also says his supervisor at BAE ended his chance at getting a job with another defense contractor by alleging Meyer had alcohol and psychological problems, the paper reports.

I think BAE will be the one to suffer from this one. I don’t see America siding with the gigantic British-owned defense contractor over the modern day war-hero. In all honesty, BAE just started crap with the wrong guy as there is no way a Marine who ran into blinding enemy fire 5 times to rescue his comrades is going to let this happen without a fight. The guy has litteraly walked into the gates of hell and back out and survived to tell about it. 

The lawyers and public relations people at BAE must be going bat-shit crazy right now on how to do damage control on this one. They better hurry up and find their scapegoat soon. 



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