Matt Goss Veterans Day Weekend wrapup

Well I know it has been a couple of days since I posted but to be quite honest, there was no time. Following me on twitter at was the place to watch in order to get real-time updates. The reality was that I was there and back in less than 48 hours. I accomplished a lot in that amount of time. Matt Goss put on two great shows between Friday and Saturday nights, entertaining hundreds of people, to include around 90 Veterans and their guests. Not only did they get an awesome free show, but Caesars Palace provided a free dinner to the Veterans and their guests in the Lago Restaurant.

Needless to say many of those that were Matt’s and my invited guests those two night were extremely appreciative for the opportunity. There were current Active Duty Army and Air Force Veterans, National Guard Veterans, people who served a few years and others that retired after more than 20 years. One couple had just got married in Las Vegas the night before.

There were Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm and Global War on Terror Veterans. Most were from the Las Vegas area or nearby, with the furthest traveling Veteran coming from Massachusetts. Matt had me open up both shows by explaining a little about why we put this event together and then introducing him and his band. As always he put on an awesome show and is one I can’t recommend enough if you go to Las Vegas. On both nights he repeatedly gave shout-outs to the Veterans in the audience. I am pretty sure those in the audience who were not Veterans saw first hand that he was sincere and cares about our warriors.After the shows, Matt leaves to go change real quick and then comes back to do a meet and greet and get pictures with people. As the line built up I explained to several of the vets waiting to talk to Matt and get a picture that there is a reason why there is such a line. He is not one of those picture and autograph kind of people who just shuffles guests along. Matt takes the time to talk to each person. They have his undivided attention as he looks them in the eye and talks to them.

Of course that makes the wait last a little while, but every single person gets their time with him. Needless to say once people got their chance with him they almost all came back to me to tell me how right I was and how impressed they were with him. The common theme of words I heard were “genuine”, “sincere”, and “real”. I knew this of course as I have known Matt for over two years and our friendship is tight, but I was glad to see others notice this.

One person asked me why he wasn’t “more popular” in the US? I told her it is coming, especially with his new album coming out next year, but that Matt likes to gain popularity through word of mouth and people that come see him spreading the word. The reality is that he is popular as his shows are pretty much sold out every weekend, so somebody wants to come see him. There are a lot of things in the works that will propel him to the US spotlight very soon I am sure.

In addition to Matt’s shows there were a lot of other great memories made and events that happened this weekend. But those were personal and I could not thank Matt enough for showing me such a great time.

For 48 hours he made me feel like a rock star, laying out the red carpet. It may have been a quick trip but will be one I will NEVER forget. Lastly I want to say a lot of people thanked me for helping to put this one, but I hope they know it was my honor and privilege to do so.

Even though I am a Veteran, I care about all vets and helping to show them a great night and some appreciation did as much for me as it may have done for them. I think the one bit of feedback Matt and I received after the show that really summed it up and reinforced why we did this and why all the work and time we spent on this was worth it was from one wife of a Veteran. She said

“……served in Vietnam and retired after 20 years.  This is the most recognition he has ever received for his service in the Army.  It was so heartwarming to see this done for our veterans and servicemen.”

Mission Accomplished…

4 thoughts on “Matt Goss Veterans Day Weekend wrapup”

  1. So true. Thanks to both of you. Making memories is what it’s all about. The Veterans and viewers that I talked to all had so much fun. Next year, you’ll have to hit up the Colosseum so even more soldiers can attend!

  2. Thank you for an “awesome” evening at The Gossy room. I have never been to a show before in Las Vegas. I Wanted to extend My Gratitude to You TOP, and Matt for not only a Great evening, but more importantly… Reminding me that there are still other “patriotic” people in the world. It is a reminder to me that people out there still support my chosen profession. I look forward to seeing both of you next year on or near my wedding anniversary.

    Thanks again,

    Joseph M. Zero

  3. Congratulations on a successful weekend. My husband is a veteran over here in the UK, he left the Coldstream Guards 5 years ago. He came to the Gossy Room with me a back in February and he though that the show was fantastic and he is very proud that you were able to honour your fellow veterans in this way.

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