Cooking With the Troops needs your help

Bob and Blake who are the driving force behind Cooking With The Troops are great guys that are true patriots and have done wonders for our service-members around the world. They have cooked for troops from San Antonio to Landstuhl, Germany.
More can be explained in this video then I ever could type here.

To read a great wrap-up dispatch of their recent trip to the Brooke Army Medical Center (the premier DOD burn center) in San Antonio, TX check out There are awesome pictures and videos up there of the work they do and the impact they have had on troops lives and even the lives of those who volunteer to help.


CWWT has been running this fundraiser from Veterans Day to Thanksgiving and I feel terrible that this is the first post I have gotten up for them. However it is not too late. They need your help and to highlight the great things they do, they just announced the following BIG NEWS.

I imagine that few who read this will not know the name Richard D. “Dick” Winters. While the movieBand of Brothers made him famous, he was already well known within the military community for his outstanding leadership. His accomplishments make him an excellent exemplar for all the outstanding leadership shown on D-Day and beyond by those who led men in combat, which is the basis for theRichard D. Winters Leadership Project of the WWII Foundation.

As part of this effort, a statue of Dick Winters is being dedicated on 6 June 2012 in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, with a reception afterwards at the Utah Beach Museum. It is an honor and a pleasure to tell you that Cooking with the Troops will be providing the refreshments at the reception. Our goal is not just to provide tasty and appropriate food and drink to those attending, but to involve as many veterans-to-chefs and troops/vets interested in culinary/hospitality careers as possible.

We will not be able to do this without your help. Please help us help the current generation even as we honor those who served before.

Please click the button below to help out CWWT and donate a few dollars towards and organization that provides a meal worth being thankful for all throughout the year.



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