Another reason why I love Soldiers Angels

Chuck Z. knows first hand the generosity of Soldiers Angels. He saw it when he was wounded in Iraq after being blown off a bridge by an IED he was almost standing over and into a canal. While in the hospital, Soldiers Angels gave me the very first voice activated laptop which later turned into Valour-IT (yes that is a picture of Chuck using the laptop in the hospital). 

Well Chuck in back in a combat zone, this time it is Afghanistan. Soon after getting to his very remote location a whole bunch of Soldiers Angels boxes showed up for him and his men. 

You can read about it at


On a side note, I am not sure if he knows it or not, but Chuck is an inspiration to my good friend and brother from another mother, Matt Goss, who I am teamed up with this weekend. I was with Chuck the night we both first met Matt two years ago. Chuck and Matt has a very special and emotional talk that has impacted both men still to this day. I am truly privileged to have been there as a witness to the special event. 

2 thoughts on “Another reason why I love Soldiers Angels”

  1. I’m a soldier’s angel. The gift of being there for a soldier and his family is worth more than the troops will ever know. They are helping families at home give back just a little. It’s a small way of saying THANK YOU!!!! God bless our troops and their families.

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