Marine C-130s are now Missile equipped

This is a great video produced by the NRA of Oliver North showing the new Missile equipped C-130 the Marines have. It is sort of like a AC-130 Spectre Gunship that the Air Force flies, but not as heavily armed.


If the above video does not work, you can click on to watch it on the NRA site.

1 thought on “Marine C-130s are now Missile equipped”

  1. I remember these a bit! They came online after I got out sadly… However, its a great idea. While I haven’t seen the video yet, I saw another featuring the Marine tanker KC-130’s armed with Hellfires. It fills a gap in the armed air support category that has been talked about for some time. Here you have aircraft on station orbiting, and if something happens, all you need is a guy on the ground with a laser to make those Hellfires worth it!

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