If Iraq wants our troops to stay, it is on our terms

It seems that leaders in Iraq do want the USA’s help with troops beyond December 31st, but they don’t want to meet our requirements for protecting our troops. 

Iraqi leaders have said they need U.S. military trainers to stay beyond a year-end deadline for American forces to leave but that the troops should not be granted immunity from prosecution.

The late Tuesday evening announcement was significant in that the Iraqi leaders were clear on the need for further help. But it raised questions about the feasibility of ironing out an agreement when the immunity of American troops remains such a contentious issue.

I sure hope our military and civilian leadership does not give in on this. They need us, we don’t need them. If they want our help then it should be our way or no way. I am assuming we are not asking them to pay for our troops presence after the 31st so since they are getting it for free they must meet our demands. 


Read the whole story at http://www.military.com/news/article/iraqi-leaders-want-us-troops-but-reject-immunity.html

1 thought on “If Iraq wants our troops to stay, it is on our terms”

  1. Where’s the “Like button” on this sum bitch? 🙂 Yeah there beter be no caving in on this one. I can just imagine the crap storm that could happen if we give in here.

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