Harboring the enemy makes you the enemy

I saw a story with a disturbing headline yesterday and I have to admit after reading it, I don’t seem to find anything wrong with this if it happened.

Villagers in Afghanistan say they were forced to walk ahead of Afghan and U.S. Soldiers along roads in areas believed to be mined by the Taliban.

National Public Radio reports villagers said the Afghan and U.S. troops pulled them from their homes one evening in early September and forced them to walk in front of the troops for more than a mile in the Panjwai district, southwest of Kandahar city.

No one was injured, but if the incident happened, it would appear to violate the Geneva Conventions governing treatment of civilians, NPR said.

Sure that may initially sound bad to the casual and ignorant observer, but the reality is that most of these people (especially those in places like Panjwaj district) are harboring and allowing Taliban and enemy fighters to operate there.

Regardless if it was Afghan soldiers or US soldiers who came up with this idea and executed it, the reality is that for a area to be a Taliban stronghold means the local populace supports them, which in turn makes them the enemy for the time-being.

The Panjwai district had been a Taliban stronghold until the U.S. troop surge in 2010 started to displace insurgents, NPR said. The Taliban now use roadside bombs and suicide bombers to fight there, said Faizal Mahmud, the deputy head of Panjwai’s council of elders.

Now I am sure those who are ultra-PC or live with their heads in the clouds that think like the President (where apologizing and being nice will make our enemies change their ways) won’t agree with my opinions here, but frankly I don’t care. Until you are over there and watching some of these people essentially support and condone the actions of our enemies then you probably won’t get it.

As President Bush said, “You are either with us or against us”. I believe it is that black and white myself. I am sure if our forces did this more often than either the local populace won’t allow the enemy to plant IEDs, or they will do a better job of warning us about them. War is an ugly thing, which means sometimes ugly actions must take place in order to succeed.

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  1. I agree, this goes for Afghan Villagers, elders and damn near every living person Pakistan which may as well be called Talibanistan. If we used the same tactics on these compliant Afghans as they used on us then they might be so scared of us that they would push these militants out. Behead a few of them on camera and make them lose their legs to some Talibs IED and well see how they like harboring them then……

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