Get to know ODA 574

First let me thank for putting these videos up so I knew about them. Second I want to point you to the videos below. They are a series of 4 videos which basically make a documentary about the men and actions of ODA 574. This Special Forces team is the focus of Eric Blehm’s book, The Only Thing Worth Dying For. I wrote a pretty extensive review of this book on this blog in the posting at:

Thanks to Eric’s book and things like this series of videos from the NRA can America even know the story about the brave team of ODA 574 and what they did and sacrificed to help topple the last of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. Please take time to watch these videos, but do yourself a favor and also read the book. It has a lot of more detail and will be a hard book to put down as I talked about in my review.



I wrote about these guys again after visiting Gabriel Field myself. That blog posting is at:


Please bookmark this posting, share with your friends, put on your Facebook wall, tweet it, whatever. Taking the time to watch these four videos is the least you can do as Americans to at least become a little smarter into the sacrifices that just a few of our bravest warriors have went through.

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