Alive Day, 5 years later

This definitions explains it pretty well,

Yesterday marked the 5th Anniversary of my first recognized Alive Day in Afghanistan. I say “recognized” becuase trust me there were others before-hand that I could have and maybe should have died, but they just don’t have the same impact as Sept 8th, 2006 had. You may be asking why I didn’t post something about Alive Day on the 8th, which was the actual day. Well in some wierd sort of tradition I am posting on the 9th. It was Sept 9th before I wrote about it HERE. Then I wrote about it on the 3rd and 4th anniversaries (Last year’s was special becuase I was back in Afghanistan at the time). But they too were always on the 9th of September, so in keeping with tradition I am again writing about it on the 9th. 

Five years ago there I was, on a dirt road in the middle of Paktika province with an Iridium phone that could not get a clear signal and a MBITER radio with an almost dead battery (I had just come off a 5 day mission at over 9,000 ft. elevation and did not re-charge it), but able to use it to call a medevac while I stood among body parts and a destroyed vehicle. FIVE YEARS AGO, is so hard to beleive. 

But like the tradition of posting about it on the 9th, my team-mate, Scooter, sent me an email today wishing me a Happy Alive Day again, as he has done for every year since 2007. I am as glad today, five years later, that I was then he is still here. I still consider it an act of God that he was not wounded much less killed as he should have been. Actually we all would have been had it not been for great US technology and well-honed driving skills. I am sure my parents would have never thought my lead foot would save my life one day. 

Hey Scooter, Happy Alive Day to you my friend. So glad we are still on the right side of the dirt five years later. 

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  1. Well I must admit this was one time your “lead foot” served you well. God is not ready for you yet Son. Love and miss you bunches!

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