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Bouhammer Note- A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from my good friend and Executive Director of Soldiers’ Angels, Mr. Toby Nunn. He wanted to know who I could recommend to be a representative of Soldiers’ Angels at the NASCAR race in Watkins Glen, NY last weekend. After a long and drawn-out search that rivaled the vetting process for a Supreme Court Nominee, I came up with The Dude. I am honored and happy to have linked him up with Toby and Soldiers’ Angels for such a great weekend. 


As a member of the New York State Army National Guard, a middle school teacher, and a coach within my own home community I’ve always felt a sense of duty to do what’s right and enjoyed helping others. Like most fellow service members, I’m not one to look for the spotlight of appreciation from others. However, with the HERO (Helping Early Responders Organization) award and the opportunity to assist Soldier’s Angels, I feel deeply honored. As a combat veteran who saw the destruction of 9/11 and patrolled the mountains along the Afghan-Pakistan border, I always appreciated the Americans back home who took a few moments to send care packages to unknown service members. Soldier’s Angels is one of those groups and I feel like I’m now able to give them a thank you.

This past weekend I had a GREAT experience with Dan Leon, TJ Bell (NASCAR driver), the #50 Green Smoke team and NASCAR this past weekend. The HERO award is very humbling and appreciated as it made my family and I feel like rock stars.

Dan Leon gives great credit for the success of Captain Knowles and Soldiers’ Angels at the Watkins Glen event to the strong partnership between T.J. Bell and LTD Power Sports, Green Smoke, Soldiers’ Angels and The Hero Foundation, which works to honor and support both military personnel and first responders (Bell is the Foundation’s spokesman). The group has planned four more races with an honorary hero that will be selected through an online voting process. If that hero is military, Soldiers’ Angels will be featured on Bell’s car once again. “Just a wonderful opportunity for Soldiers’ Angels,” Leon says. Additionally, Bell has offered to carry the Soldiers’ Angels logo and bumper wrap on the vehicle he is racing at the Michigan International Speedway this weekend. He will be on National TV for the Friday practice sessions and Saturday qualifying rounds. But he will have to pull out of the race itself early on Sunday due to funding problems. “He will be sure to plug Soldiers’ Angels during any and all the chances that he gets,” Leon says. Thank you to The Hero Foundation LTD Power Sports, Green Smoke and Herr’s for helping Soldiers’ Angels spread the word and give a hero an amazing weekend!

I’ve always felt a great deal of pride serving and protecting my country. What makes me even more prideful is to observe fellow Americans who remember to “live the dream” on a daily basis as a result of the sacrifices our service members make for them.


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  1. Hello Bouhamer, I like to read your blogs, and have been reading yours just after CJ’s issue with Alabama Schools.

    The reason I am commenting on this blog has nothing to do with the issue except that it is the last one I have in my RSS feed that was successfully indexed. I use the Newsfox add-on under Firefox to read RSS feeds, and none of my other 1000+ feeds are reporting an error. Yours is just one of many that I read that also use WordPress as the engine for their blogs.

    I don’t know if this would help, but this is the error Newsfox is reporting:

    The feed url is invalid. Check to make sure the URL is correct.
    Check Feed Validator

    the “Check Feed Validator” is a web link:

    If you Cut&Paste the “Check Feed Validator” URL in your browser, it will provide you a whole lot more information.

    I have tried using the RSS link on your website, but it reports an error as well:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/01/5529701/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-htaccess-control/wp-htaccess-control.php:1) in /home/content/01/5529701/html/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 934

    Although I am knowledgeable of computers, I am not into Web programming or tools that make the Web go….so this whole blogging thing is a mystery to me, and using my truck as an analogy….if turning the key in the ignition fails to start the engine, then I have to contact a mechanic.

    In the meantime, for my Bouhamer fix, I will have to keep your URL as a bookmark, or keep my Facebook open.

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