Thanks to my good friend Matt Gallagher ( I have stumbled across what appears to be the most detailed and accurate account of the planning and execution of the raid that killed the most sought after terrorist in the world. 

The story on the New Yorker website by Nicholas Schmidle is extremely details and seems to corroborate a lot of the other info that came out about the raid. I starts with initial planning a while back and goes through to the details of dumping his body into the ocean, and the meeting between the President and the men who carried out the raid. 

I have to assume it is accurate for now, and if it is, it is an awesome story.

A second SEAL stepped into the room and trained the infrared laser of his M4 on bin Laden’s chest. The Al Qaeda chief, who was wearing a tan shalwar kameez and a prayer cap on his head, froze; he was unarmed. “There was never any question of detaining or capturing him—it wasn’t a split-second decision. No one wanted detainees,” the special-operations officer told me. (The Administration maintains that had bin Laden immediately surrendered he could have been taken alive.)

Nine years, seven months, and twenty days after September 11th, an American was a trigger pull from ending bin Laden’s life. The first round, a 5.56-mm. bullet, struck bin Laden in the chest. As he fell backward, the SEAL fired a second round into his head, just above his left eye. On his radio, he reported, “For God and country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.” After a pause, he added, “Geronimo E.K.I.A.”—“enemy killed in action.”

Hearing this at the White House, Obama pursed his lips, and said solemnly, to no one in particular, “We got him.”


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