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My very close friend CJ Grisham who is about to deploy to Afghanistan, recently had to perform another task that is all too common these days, serving as an escort for a fallen warrior. CJ is a soldier to the core and is a man strong in his faith. Two great ingredients for a task as honorable as this.

The Army really does care about its fallen. Sometimes, the bureaucratic red tape may slow some things down or miss others completely, but the individual Soldiers – from the troops to the commands – really do everything possible to ensure that the family is taken care of and that these leaders are available to them any time! The rifle team was extremely professional and understood the sacred nature of their duty. The ushers gently led grieving friends and family to their seats and positions. I was honestly impressed and humbled by their actions.

That is just one paragraph out of a great posting that CJ put up this morning on his blog, Please take a few minutes this morning and read the humbling post ONE MORE SALUTE at:

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