A great tribute to Tim Hetherington

I was recently made aware of this great tribute written about my late friend Tim Hetherington, who was killed in Libya. Veteran Richard Allen Smith wrote a nice heart-warming peice about the impace that Tim and Tim’s work (RESTREPO) made on him personally. 

Hetherington’s Restrepo depicted all of that. The reality of war. The tragedy, the camaraderie, the absurdity, and the ridiculous things you do to keep yourself sane. I may not have known Tim Hetherington, but his work has had a greater affect on me than most of my personal relationships, let alone any movie, could ever possibly have. That’s why when I learned of his death in Libya I was absolutely floored. I spent the whole day in a fog. It was like reliving the days that we lost guys in Afghanistan all over again.

Read Mr. Smith’s entire piece at:



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