A GREAT day for dead Tangos

Anytime there is news of dead tangos, it is a good day. But when you tell me our forces have taken out 80 of them, that makes it a GREAT day. 

The number of insurgents reported killed in a NATO attack on a large encampment in a remote area of Paktika province rose to 80 on Saturday, said Afghan officials, adding that they were concerned that there could be more undetected militant camps within the country’s borders.

The camp, which was raided on Thursday by NATO troops backed up by Afghan forces, accommodated considerably more people than most compounds where Taliban and other insurgents take shelter along the border with Pakistan. The discovery raised questions about how entrenched the insurgency had become in southeastern Afghanistan. NATO has conducted many raids along the border, but rarely if ever come across compounds big enough for dozens of insurgents, officials said.


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