Reports are that this happened a week ago by a US bombing strike in Pakistan. Also reports that the US has his body.

UPDATE-Now we know what really happened. Team of CIA and Seal Team 6 went in to the compound, killed all those around him that tried to fight and put one bullet above his left eye blowing his friggen head off. Why? Because they have the skills to do so, and they can.

Now he is being turned into shark, crab and fish shit.

6 thoughts on “USAMA BIN LADEN is DEAD! Confirmed!!!- UPDATED”

    1. I don’t understand why you publish this report, which is at odds with every single other report, that a small SEALS team went in and took him out with a gun and buried him at sea. Your post could just start a whole firestorm of conspiracy theories…what’s this all about????? I have even seen live interviews with witnesses in Abbotabad…

      1. Because I published this before the POTUS even came on the air and those were the first things being reported. Look at the time/date stamp.

        I will edit it, but not trying to start anything it was just bad first reports from the battlefield.

        1. Thank you! I only got this last night,, 2 May, and I was surprised and horrified. Now I see you’ve added an update. Thanks again.

  1. Osama Bin Laden is the name of a deranged Elephant that terrorized villages, destroyed hundreds of homes, and killed at least 27 people by trampling on them.

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