5.1.11, another date we won’t forget

There is a company called 5.11. They are known for their tactical clothing and gear. I wonder if they will capitalize on the date of 5.1.11?

See 5.1.11 is the date that Usama (or Osama) Bin Laden was sent to hell by the trigger pull of a Navy Seal. Anyway, 5.11 tactical is not the point of this post, killing of that piece of crap is. I was very thrilled the other night when I saw the news. I remember sitting there watching the news and then the President speaking and then the news again thinking I felt that same way when they caught Saddam in the hole. One of those, I will never forget where I was when I heard the news.

Just like when Saddam was found, the killing of Bin Laden won’t end this war right away either. It may be a big moral booster for Americans, it may have gotten us a lot of intel, and it may be a great sound bite for the President, but the bottom line in my humble opinion is that the war will still be there for a while longer.

The Al-Queda organization is a decentralized group that may have gotten motivational messages from the top guy but he surely is not running things. It is clear by his lack of security and the few people that were around him that he was like the mafia boss that had retired and had alzheimers, just wasting away with a lot of respect by his underlings but no influence over them.

It is great news so we can say we got him and I am glad that they put a bullet in his head and not try to bring him back to the US alive so the ACLU could defend him. Look at the KSM fiasco where our government can’t decide where he should be tried and what rights he is allowed to have. The last thing we needed to do was waste more tax dollars on securing Bin Laden in a jail somewhere and coddling him to make sure he had all his muslim rights.

I personally have no problem with dumping him in the sea either. It keeps the radicals from making wherever he was buried into a memorial site. Heck even that doesn’t stop them radicals as they are now calling the body of water he was dumped into “martyr’s sea”. Personally they should have fed his body to a pen full of hungry hogs but that is just me. Hungry swine will eat everything, to include bones so there would not have been anything left, except for pig crap. Instead now he is fish crap.

Photo courtesy of CLM.

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