Happy New Year Film special screening at 2011 Milblog Conference

I am very proud to announce that Bouhammer.com in partnership with One Light Left films will be presenting a special screening of the critically-acclaimed film Happy New Year at this year’s 6th Annual Milblog conference in Arlington, VA on April 29th.

Coming straight off a a multi-city film festival tour, which began with the famous South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. The Directory/Writer of the original play and then feature film, Mr. Lorrell Manning will be sitting on one of the panels of the Milblog Conference titled “War and Film”. More information about the panel and the conference can be found at http://milblogconference.milblogging.com/conference-panels/

Joining Mr. Manning at the special screening on Friday Afternoon at 2:15 PM sharp is Lead Actor/Producer Michael Cuomo and Military Advisor and supporting actor Joseph Harrell. Immediately following the screening, I will be facilitating a Q&A session with all three gentlemen.

HAPPY NEW YEAR is the story of “Sgt. Cole Lewis” who, mentally and physically scarred by his time served in Iraq and Afghanistan, finds humanity, compassion and friendship in a group of similarly injured veterans in the psychiatric ward at a remote Veterans Hospital. The group, ranging from guys left behind from WWII and Vietnam, to those recently injured in the Middle East, slowly become Lewis’ new family. Along with them, he will attempt to redefine his sense of self, and find a new place in the world. Through humor and pathos, Lewis becomes a ray of hope in the ward, as the men find a way to combat their post-war grief. However, just as their luck starts to change, Lewis soon faces his fiercest battle yet.

I have been working with the creators and stars of this feature movie since watching a personal screening of the movie, last December in NYC. I was convinced at that point that this was something all people need to see. This movie does not glamorize war-fighting, and it also does not victimize those who fight it. Instead it shows the good and bad sides of recovery, to include how our warriors find humor in the worst of times, how true leaders emerge from the shadows and how different people deal with their wounds in different ways.

Not every story ends tragically or happy, sometimes they are in between. Sometimes what is one person’s tragedy is someone else’s happiness.

The screening is free and will start at 2:15PM sharp.






2:15 PM

Happy New Year Trailer from Happy New Year Film on Vimeo.

More information about the movie can be found at


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If you are attending the 2011 Milblog Conference, I look forward to you joining me at this very special screening.

NOTE-This is the third movie screening that has been sponsored by Bouhammer.com. The first was of the documentary At War at the 2009 Milblog Conference, the second was of RESTREPO in July, 2010 at the New York State Museum.

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  1. Clearly an important topic, and one that will continue to be part of the American military scene for a generation to come. Thanks for your continued efforts to keep PTSD and it’s effects before the American public.

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