Who does Karzai think he is?

The headline says “Karzai Warns Obama on Civilian Deaths” and my questions is and or else what? What is he going to do about it? Throw a tantrum again? Get off his meds? Be more corrupt than he already is?

“President Karzai said that only regret is not sufficient and also mentioned that civilian casualties during military operations by coalition forces is the main reason for tension in relations between Afghanistan and United States,” the statement said. “It is not acceptable for the Afghan people anymore. Regrets and condemnations of the incident cannot heal the wounds of the people.”

I just wish he would quit spouting crap from his cakehole and STFU. It is a warzone in his country. Maybe he does not realize it from his grand and highly secured palaces in Kabul but if he ever got out of this comfort and security zone and walked amongst his people in places like Orgun-E, Konduz, Farah, and Nawa to name a few maybe he could see that all is not well in Afghanistan.

When a military FOB received In-direct Fire (IDF) in the middle of the night, then they try to take out the tangos launching the mortars or rockets or whatever at the Point of Origin (POO) site. This is standard practice and well within the rules of engagement for force protection. If there are kids out in the same area that are collecting firewood, playing with rocks or whatever and especially if they have wood in their hands that could be mistaken for RPGs and rifles then accidents like this can happen.

It is a friggen’ war, not the cub scouts. We lose our own soldiers to friendly fire and yes we have killed innocents in this and every war. Of course our enemy kills them by the droves and apparently there is no outrage at that. In fact many times the enemy kills civilians just to blame it on us.

The incident on Tuesday in the Pech valley area of Kunar province came less than two weeks after tribal elders there claimed NATO forces killed more than 50 civilians in recent air and ground strikes. An Afghan government investigation maintained that 65 civilians died in recent coalition operations in a remote part of the province, a hotbed of the insurgency. The coalition denied allegations that 65 civilians were killed in Kunar, saying video clearly showed troops targeting and killing dozens of insurgents. It said a subsequent investigation yielded no evidence that civilians had been killed.

Our warriors cannot be held to a zero-tolerance policy in wartime. We are humans, so therefor we make mistakes. There were at least times that come to mind from my tour in Afghanistan where I was a hair away from killing civilians either by accident or by operating on muscle memory and acting based on the information I had at the time.

It happens and always has happened. When you have non-combatants on a combative battlefield then they are risk. Why does this idiot think he and the people of Afghanistan are immune to this risk? Look it sucks these boys were killed, and not only for them or their families but for the soldiers that pulled the trigger. They have to live with the regret and the desire to turn back time and do things different. I am sure some of them even have children themselves around the same age which just compounds the pain they feel.

The other news story references in this blog post can be found at http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/03/06/afghan-official-bomb-kills-12-civilians/

4 thoughts on “Who does Karzai think he is?”

  1. War is hell, and mistakes happen. Karzei is a clown, cuddled by american dollars, and our soldiers die for this lunatic?

  2. If Mr. Karzai will not shut up then I have a suggestion. Give him a helicopter ride to the A-Stan P-Stan border and drop him off all alone. Maybe an announcement in the local dailect could be made that Karzai is there.

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