Next National Guard units to deploy is official

The 27th is my old brigade that and the home to many friends, old Army buddies and soldiers whom I used to lead but are now leaders themselves. It is the Brigade my son deployed with in 2008-2009. Now here it is 2011 and they are going again. Boy we ask a lot of our citizen-soldiers.

DOD Identifies Units for Upcoming Afghanistan and Kuwait Rotation

The Department of Defense announced today the alert of two units to deploy as part of upcoming rotations of forces operating in Afghanistan and Kuwait. The scheduled rotation for these replacement forces will begin in early 2012.

The announcement involves two Army National Guard brigade combat teams totaling approximately 7,520 personnel.

Specific units:

27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, New York National Guard

55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Pennsylvania National Guard

The 27th IBCT is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan to perform security force assistance, and the 55th HBCT is scheduled to deploy to Kuwait to provide force protection and convoy security.

26 comments on “Next National Guard units to deploy is official
  1. justin says:

    how do i get on the deployment, im in the 1st 278th acr mech. infantry unit, and i want to deploy again

  2. PVT Brittany DeLuca says:

    I want to get on this deployment I am in the Guard my unit is a Chemical Unit and we aren’t deploying from what I hear. But I would really like to get on this deployment.

  3. Spc. Lorenzo says:

    I am a combat medic, but not from any of the states deploying. I could deploy with them what would be the protocol?. Thanks…

  4. kimball says:

    Justin, I deployed with 278th as well, ended up pulling an interstate transfer to get over here with Oklahoma, and my advice is to make contact with someone, preferably a CO or 1SG in a line company with an open slot, get the specific unit information and UIC, then contact the TN Interstate Transfer Coordinator and request a release for interstate transfer from your chain of command, with the specifics listed. In my experience most of the full timers who work at the armories have little to no experience with interstate transfers and what I posted was definitely the only way I was able to catch this deployment. Good luck

  5. Ricky says:

    I am a combat medic with the 814th out of Grand Forks, ND. We are currently in ARFORGEN 2, and will not be deploying for a while. Is there anywhere I can find units deploying, to see if I can hook up with them?

  6. SPC Davilamendoza says:

    I am Motor Transportation Operator 88 M With O291 TTC JBLM WA This unit Will not be deploying for while . I looking forward units for deploying , To see if can hook up with them .

  7. NK says:

    I am being told the 27th may not be going anywhere now. I am in the unit and heard we arent going. The PA guard also got cut. That came from a friend of mine there.

    • Morris Johnson says:

      dude we are deploying stop listening to the private news network go and look at DMNA it will tell you what you need to know

  8. ron says:

    Interesting, when I deployed to Afghanistan we replaced the 27th.

  9. SSG Jeremy Voris says:

    I am a 31b and just got back in July from Afghanistan I really enjoyed it and am looking to deploy again. Any info if wither BCT will have MP’s deploying. I am currently in the NV guard.

  10. nick says:

    how do i get a deployment i leave for bct and ait janurary 24 and come back may 18. troop A 105 RSTA unit wisconsin 11C is my mos.

  11. Jeanette Weldon says:

    How do I sign up for deployment? I’m in the TX ARNG, I’m in the HHC 949th BSB and my MOS is 92G

  12. spc angell says:

    i am looking for a unit that is deployeing after june to afganistain i will be getting back some time in march from here and want to go back

  13. I’m HAVOC 91c, my unit is not going anywhere, and I would like to deploy with the 55th HBCT to KUWAIT in 2012 please. If this is posible please send me information on what steps to take, so that I can acheive this goal. My command is willing to release me for this, or any other missions you might have. ph# 912-321-8713 Again Thanks For Your Attention. SSG. Stevens Charles E

  14. PFC Carugno says:

    Im a medic with 1/104th Cav HHT, 55BCT and every month is a different bit of information about this supposed upcoming deployment to Kuwait in October. We were supposed to leave in FEB2012 to Kuwait but the 27th BCT took that mission.

    • Stuck in the Suck says:

      I’m attached to the 27th now. When are ya’ll supposed to head over? We are getting a lot of schedule changes. And no one can give us a definite timeline.

  15. Aaron Dominguez says:

    I’m a 15U with the 169th/935th we were suppose to deploy in the next few months & it was cancelled. I was really looking forward to this deployment & would still like to deploy. so if anyone knows of any aviation units deploying that may need some more soldiers, I’m good to go…

  16. SPC Hackerman says:

    I am an 88M and i am looking for any tennessee unit that is deploying i don’t care which unit i just need the deployment can anyone help me.

    • Ed says:

      Hi Keker…

      The best way to find how is going online…; find depl. unit’s poc requiring your svc. Get letter of acceptance.

      That what I did…

  17. SPC Hackerman says:

    please help

  18. Alex says:

    how do I need to contact, I want to deploy again?

  19. Randy says:

    The Pa guard is filling this all “Inhouse” so don’t waste your time looking for a slot

  20. Peter Authelet says:

    I am a 92A looking for open slot in a dploying unit.


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