A new Business Opportunity for Bouhammer Enterprises, LLC

Ok, I think I need to reach out to some of my former fellow soldiers, friends in the Special Operations world and people looking for adventure. I see a new business opportunity to base a company based out of South Africa and start providing security services to dumb rich white people that sail the waters off of Somalia and to shipping companies.

I think I have all the right ingredients. I have friends that are trained and have performed as snipers. I got some other close friends who fly helicopters. Several of us know our way around boats and all of them can handle weapons and have no problem taking the life of a bad guy. I have been jokingly talking about this with several military friends and I am starting to think this may be the way to go

Heck I bet some of my Dad’s old SF buddies would love to get in on this too. Maybe I will name it Redwater, LLC. That sounds more appropriate than Blackwater, and more PC as Blackwater could be a bad play on words.

The head of a private security company says his guards retook a yacht from Somali pirates after the Dutch couple on board locked themselves in a safe room. Read more:


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