Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan now available to ORDER!

Longtime friend of mine and Bouhammer.com, Clayton Merwin, now has his first volume of the graphic novel “Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan” available for your order. This graphic novel is 3 1/2 years in the making and has overcome a lot of obstacles and distractions. Funding has been a challenge for Clayton as has been keeping the artists on track and schedule as they did work for the novel for free, and on the side of their normal paid jobs.

There have been many people involved with this project and all of them along with the stories listed in both Volume I and Volume II (forthcoming) at http://heroesfallenstudiosinc.webs.com/whoweare.htm. As you will see, I along with many other vets have stories represented in both volumes via the talents of many great artists.

Clayton is not a veteran himself, he does not have a kid who is serving, or any other connection to the military other than his love of this country and his care for those who defend and guarantee our freedoms. He started this project purely out of his love for this country and his desire to somehow do something to give back to those that defend his love. The proceeds from the sale of this graphic novel are benefitting four great troop supporting organizations. 

They are:

Wounded Warrior Project

Soldiers’ Angels


Fischer House

You can’t go wrong in supporting these organizations and there is no argument that they all directly contribute back to our service-members.

If you are a fan of milblogs then I really think you will really like this book as it tells the same type of stories, but in a graphic “comic-book” style of presentation. Head over to http://heroesfallenstudiosinc.webs.com/ to learn more and go to http://heroesfallenstudiosinc.webs.com/hfsiwebstore.htm to place your order today. You can also click on the graphic to the right that looks like the one below. I am giving Clayton some free advertisting space here on Bouhammer.com becuase I beleive in this project and I believe in him. 


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