Can Afghan Forces ever be trusted?

Interesting to see people in our Government start to take notice of this issue. Too bad they have not just been watching the news or reading this blog, maybe they would have paid attention sooner. You can go back to or to read a few of my past blog posts about this subject. 

U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe has gained the support of an Army general and a highly-respected senator in her call for a federal review of Afghan security forces in the wake of the ambush killings of a Maine man and five other soldiers on Nov. 29.

Now if you ask one or two people that were with me in Afghanistan that were “in love” with the Afghan forces then they will tell you this is not an issue and they feel and always felt very safe with their Afghan forces. Even after these same forces almost killed them a time or two (by accident of course ;-)). However as I told my team many times and I have repeated on here, you must befriend these guys but becuase they are not Ameicans you have to be ready to kill them without hesitation the second they turn against you. 

They are not all bad and even those that turn against US forces are not all US haters or hidden members of the Taliban. Sometimes the enemy kidnaps their family members and either tortures or threaten to kill the loved ones of the Afghan security member if that soldier/cop does not do somethign like try to kill Ameicans. So I am not sure how anyone thinks they can “screen” for bad guys. It is a tribal and corrupt society, so getting around background checks is very easy. It is all in who you know….or pay. 

“However, the fact that attacks by security forces on U.S. and NATO personnel have continued to occur lead me to believe that current practices are inadequate, and significant changes are necessary to prevent the further loss of life in such incidents,” Snowe said.

it is a catch-22 and I am not sure there is any good way around it, other than making sure our troops are always ever-vigilant and never let their guard down or get complacent.  Read the whole story at

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