Anyone looking to pick up a slightly used Chinook?

I wonder if they don’t get any buyers if the Canadians will try to put these helicopters up on eBay if they don’t get any takers. 

National Defence has put “For Sale” signs on the air force’s Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan — two years after taxpayers shelled out $282 million to buy them.

The department recently sounded out allies in the war-torn country to see whether any are interested in the heavy battlefield transports, purchased second-hand from the U.S. Army.

You would think that they could find a use for them in Canada, I mean it is a big country with many remote areas. 

Some defence analysts suggest Canada might be better served by bringing the choppers home for domestic operations, perhaps improving the search-and-rescue system.

But I guess they are looking for the quick sale and to save on shipping them back. Even though these are older than what the Canadian military is currently purchasing it seems they could still use them. 

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2 thoughts on “Anyone looking to pick up a slightly used Chinook?”

  1. *sigh* Another cue by my country’s military that as soon as our combat mission is over at the end of this year, they’re going to be downscaling us and confining us to the dustbins once more. This is depressing. We finally deployed overseas and did a real job suited to the military for the first time in years, and instead of explaining said mission properly to the Canadian public, they prefer to score political brownie points at home by gutting the military.

    So much for the Conservatives being the only government in recent memory friendly to the Canadian Forces – it appears that we are expendable, along with our country’s foreign policy.

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